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What People Really Think about NJ

What People Really Think about NJ

ThoughtIf you spend any time watching television, you know that New Jersey is the target of stereotypes. The rest of the country view us in a different light, but when you get down to the ordinary New Jersian, you find people living their lives and pretty much ignoring the few individuals that give us our stereotypes. If you have ever wondered what the rest of the county thinks of the people of New Jersey, here are a few of the highlights.

•    New Jersey Pride runs deep: We know we have a great State and are not afraid to say it. We are the crossroads of the Revolutionary War; more battles were fought in our state than any other. Not only did our state provide the turning point of the war, New Jersey is beautiful. You don’t get the nickname of ‘the garden state’, by being an ugly boring place to live. Everyone must understand this, because we have one of the highest population densities in America.

•    People from New Jersey are Loud and Obnoxious: Because our pride runs so deep, we are often labeled as loud. We are not afraid to get our point across. Our cultural heritage runs deep as well and we are not ashamed of it. You can go into restaurants and hear Italian, Chinese or German. If anyone challenges our amazing heritage, we are not shy to defend New Jersey.

•    Spending Time in the Diner: We might love diners, but there is a reason. The food is always good here in New Jersey. If you decide you are hungry at midnight, there are plenty of diners that will serve you. The same can be said of the early morning. When you decide to head out to the Jersey Shore before the sun comes up, breakfast can always be had at a Diner. 

•    Everyone lives off an exit: Unlike the rest of America, we associate where we live by our exit numbers from the parkway or the turnpike. We grow up knowing the numbers and the cities to which they correspond. 

Whether the stereotypes are true or false it doesn’t really matter. The thing that matters most is we live in the greatest state in the Union. We have the best shoreline, pizza, bagels and cultural cuisines. Living in New Jersey means you have the right to be loud, because there is so much to talk about.


Published May 4, 2016 in Living in New Jersey