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Types of Homes in New Jersey

There are plenty of different styles and types of homes throughout New Jersey. You can find historic homes that were built during the founding of America, or modern homes that were built a few months ago. At Gloria Nilson & Co. Real Estate, we work to find the brick house in New Jerseytype of home that you want with the luxuries you crave. We are your Real Estate Agency in Manalapan, NJ. If you have a home in mind, we can help you find the home of your dreams.

Different Types

First, you need to decide on the type of home you want. If you have a young family, or a lot of extended family a single-family home is a good fit. You get to have a yard and enough space to grow as a family. If you hate yard work, but still want a place to call your own, condos are a great place to start looking. Condos will cost significantly less than a single family home. If you hate yard work and do not want the responsibilities that come with ownership, an apartment is perfect. If anything breaks, you are not on the line to make the fix; your landowner will need to do it. If you are looking for the elegance and space that only a mansion can provide, we can help you there as well.

Different Styles

There are tons of different home styles. This Architecture Guide from the National Association of Realtors has the details on more than 30 different styles of home. Common styles include Ranch, Victorian, Colonial, Contemporary and so many more. If a specific home style is in your wish list, make certain you tell us about and we will narrow our search parameters to help you find your new home.

Gloria Nilson & Co. Real Estate Can Help

It takes a lot to find the right home and that is why you can count on Gloria Nilson & Co. Real Estate. We understand that your time is precious. That is why our realtors do the work to find all the parameters you want in a home. We work to help you find the home of your dreams. We help you find the type and style of home that will make living in New Jersey even better. 

Published October 18, 2017 in Buying