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Tips When Touring a Home with Your Realtor

Tips When Touring Homes With Your RealtorHome tour entrance in NJ

You are ready to buy a house and your Gloria Nilson and Co. Real Estate realtor has scheduled a list of homes for you to tour. This can be overwhelming if you are not prepared. Our goal is to help you be as prepared and educated about each home as possible. Asking the right questions and giving you the best information about each home will help make your home buying decisions easier. Here are a few things to be mindful of when going through potential homes:

Bring a notepad

Your realtor may take you through a handful of homes in one day and as you tour each home, the details of each house may run together in your mind. Taking notes and making a quick pros and cons list of each home as you visit them will help you remember what you like and dislike of each one. 

Take photos

A quick “specs sheet” will tell you all the basic details of each home and even have a few photos. However, taking photos of some of your favorite or least favorite details helps these images remain crisp in your mind so you can make your decision easier. 

Ignore the decor and furniture

As you walk through a furnished home, you will need to mentally erase any current furnishings and decor. Ignore these items from your view and visually picture your own possessions in the space. The current owner’s taste in decor or style has no bearing on the home itself. Picture whether or not your family will fit well in the home. 

Ask your realtor questions

Your realtor has most likely walked through thousands of homes and has some good insights to each place. Pick your realtor’s brain for his/her opinion of the best/worst qualities. This can be valuable information that you might otherwise overlook. 

Pay attention to necessary repairs or renovation

Along with making sure the price is right, it is important to take note of any repairs that might need attention in the near future because this is money coming out of your budget. Can you afford such repairs? Also, are there seriously outdated appliances or carpets? These things may need updating and can add to the price tag of your home down the road. 

Length of time on the market

If the home was only recently put on the market, the sellers usually are less willing to negotiate the price. However, if the home has been sitting on the market for many weeks or months, sellers get desperate and are more interested at knocking the price down. Pay attention to this detail as it can save you money. 

Check out the neighborhood

As you walk through the home, it doesn’t hurt to google information on the schools and crime rate of the area. These statistics are big influencers since you want to move into a safe and happy neighborhood. A quick chat with a neighbor or two may be helpful as well.

Wrapping up your research 

Gloria Nilson and Co. Real Estate will make sure you are armed with as much information as possible at each home visit. We want you to be happy with your new home and not have any unexpected, uninvited surprises shortly after purchasing. Our realtors are experienced and ready to help you find your dream home. 


Published October 12, 2016 in Buying