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Tips for Moving With Pets

Tips When Moving With Petscats in New Jersey home

Moving into a new home is an exciting time. The thrill of a new space to decorate and enjoy is one of the greatest things about moving. Once the chaos of packing and unpacking is over, settling into your new home is the fun part. While you may eagerly anticipate a change with a move, a new view and a fresh start, your pets on the other hand do not handle the process well. Pets become anxious with an unfamiliar environment and you might notice a behavior change that is unlike their personality. When moving with pets, there are a few things you can do to help them ease into the transition a little better.

1-Find somewhere quiet

The noise of moving boxes and furniture in and out of the house can be terrifying for your pet. They don’t understand it and it can feel like their life is being turned upside down. If they are scared enough and get an opportunity, they might even run away out of fear and this is exactly what you want to avoid. Finding a quiet part of the house with their bed, food and water is advised so they feel safe. Check in regularly so your pet can see you and hear your voice as this is very comforting to them. An even better option would be to have a friend or family member watch your pet for a day or two so they are not a part of the commotion.

2-Take care transporting them

Some pets fear car rides and the prospect of seeing the home in pandemonium AND going into a vehicle might send them over the edge. Putting the pet into a kennel while inside and then carrying the kennel outside is the best method.

3-Adjust the pet slowly

Before introducing the pet to the new home, set up an area of the home with things they are familiar with. As you unpack your home, slowly acquaint your pet so they feel comfortable. They will feel highly suspicious of this new environment so allow time for adjustment.

4-Update their information

If you are moving a far distance, it is important to inform your vet so you can take an prescriptions along with their medical records with you and transfer to a new vet. Updating their microchip information with your new address and phone number is vital in case they get lost.

Take care and plan accordingly

The better you plan, the less your pet will stress. Keeping their environment calm and relaxed will go a long way towards their transition. Gloria Nilson and Co. Real Estate is excited to find your family a home that will fit the needs of you and your pets. We are experienced in Manalapan, NJ real estate and know the area well. Our goal is to find you a house you can call a home and feel comfortable and excited for. We listen to our clients’ needs and if you are happy, then we have done our job well and that’s what matters most to us. Call us today, we can’t wait to help you find your beautiful New Jersey home. 

Published August 30, 2017 in Buying