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Tips For Moving With Kids in NJ

Tips For Moving With Kidschildren playing outside in New Jersey

Big changes in life can be rough, no matter your age. The good thing is that, as an adult, you have the coping skills necessary to make it through. However, children often feel powerless and frustrated when these big changes come into their lives. This can cause them to act out and react in many volatile ways. The stress of moving can be even more overwhelming when you know your child is struggling. There are things you can do to help and by being prepared for their feelings, you can make it a better, memorable and even happy experience for the whole family.

1. Ask for Help

As you are packing and moving boxes and furniture, kids can get underfoot and in the way. Not only is this frustrating for you, it’s also dangerous for them. Ask a neighbor or friend if they can watch your children while you do these arduous tasks. Not only will your child feel less stressed and happier playing in a more relaxed environment, but you can focus on the big task at hand.

2. Utilize the Evenings

Make the most of your child’s bedtime. Rather than packing and boxing during the day when your kids are awake and active, do lighter things or relax and spend time playing with your kids. Wait until the evenings to do the big jobs, especially when it comes to packing their toys. Your child might not understand why you are putting the toys in a big box. So, to avoid a disastrous tantrum, do this while they sleep.

3. Let Them “Help” and Feel Involved

Try and make this a family experience. Let your child feel like they are helping so they understand this decision and the experience becomes just as much theirs as it is yours. Let them pack the easy stuff. Give them a marker to label all the boxes. Have them be the “box taper” and give them control of the tape gun. There are many fun tasks you can give them to help keep them occupied and entertained.

4. Plan surprises and give yourself time

Moving is emotionally and physically exhausting. If possible, start packing well in advance, a little at a time. On busy packing days, take time for enjoyable moments like a family evening at your favorite restaurant or a new toy for the kids to play with while you finish last minute details. These things keep the morale high even when you are all tired.

5. Say good-bye and campout

The last night in your home might be an empty one. Make it fun! Get sleeping bags and “camp” on the floor. Talk about fun memories you had in the home and think of what you are all excited about with the new home. By keeping things creative and happy, you can close old chapters and start new ones with a positive energy.

Don’t let the stress of a move cloud the exciting purchase of your new home. Make it a joyful time the whole family can look back on fondly. Your Robbinsville, NJ realtor will also take the stress out of your home buying experience by taking care of all the overwhelming paperwork and tasks. Call Gloria Nilson and Co. Real Estate to find you the perfect home of your dreams.







Published October 11, 2017 in Buying