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Things to Consider When Moving

Things to Consider When Movingliving room in new home in NJ

If you are thinking about moving to a new city in New Jersey, but aren’t quite sure where, you have a lot to think about. Before packing your moving boxes and saying “So long!” to your current abode, check out this list of things to consider when moving--

What Is the Cost of Living?

The cost of living in the city or state to which you are planning to move should be a top consideration. If the cost of living is less than your current city (very likely if you are moving to NJ from NY), then the move may make sense financially. If you are planning to experience an increase in living costs, you may want to rethink your move.

What Social Connections Will You Have?

Another thing to think about when moving are the social connections that you will have in your new city; not knowing anyone can become lonely. Will you be near family? Have friends in the area? Are you starting a new job, and therefore will have an opportunity to make friends with co-workers? If not, moving to a place where you know someone can be comforting.

Are There Good Schools for Your Kids?

One of the great things about New Jersey is that many of the public schools are top notch. In fact, US News and World Report reviewed 29,070 public high schools in the United States, and 109 high schools in New Jersey made the ranking for the best in the nation. Before you decide to move to a new town, check out the schools - both public and private depending upon your personal preferences and values - and make sure there is a place for your child to get a good education.

For How Long Do You Plan to Move?

Another thing to think about before you move is for how long you plan to be in your new city. Are you moving for a temporary work position, but plan to return to your current location in a year or two? Or, is this move designed to be permanent? For how long you plan to move may have a large effect on other decisions, such as whether you will buy or rent. If you are planning to buy a new home, conduct a property search using our real estate search tool.

What’s More Important - City Life or Quiet Life?

Finally, if you know that you want to move - or if you have to move for work or another reason - but haven’t nailed down precisely where in NJ your move will be, think about your values and what you enjoy. Do you like nightlife and going out? Does the hustle and bustle of the city bring you joy? Are you single and want to connect with others? Or, do you prefer quiet, nature, and community? Are you a parent or hoping to start a family? If so, the suburbs or a more rural area of the state may be ideal.

At Gloria Nilson & Co. Real Estate, we can help you weigh the above factors and find the location and the home that are perfect for you and your family. To learn more, get in touch with our NJ real estate agents today!


Published May 22, 2017 in Buying