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6 Remodeling Mistakes That Hurt Resale

October 16, 2019

Here are some examples of remodeling mistakes that could possibly end up hurting a property's resale value. Remodeling room

5 Landscaping Ideas That May Increase Property Value

September 25, 2019

In real estate you know how important landcaping can be. In many cases, landscaping improvements can increase a home's curb appeal. Plants and flowers in landscape

Take It From The Experts - Constructions & Smart Homes

July 29, 2019

Explores different transactional related topics of interest to our readers by going straight to the source: our local professionals. Real Estate Experts

How to Reduce Your Home's Carbon Footprint

April 1, 2019

Five ways to reduce yours home's carbon footprint! Eco Friendly home with solar panels

Home Safe Home: Things to Consider

March 25, 2019

Some home upgrades are aesthetic, and some are for function. These ideas, all with better home safety in mind, show that there's no reason you well maintained homecan't have both.

How to Map Out Your Garden Goals for Spring

February 21, 2019

Advanced planning is a good idea in all cases, even when it comes to your outdoor space.
landscaping home

Don't Toss the Tea Bag: 7 Brilliant Ways to Use Tea

November 14, 2018

The are more uses for tea besides drinking it! Home Brewed Tea

Fall Home Considerations to Make Before Winter

October 25, 2018

While Spring is the standard time to do a clean sweep of your home, fall is also a great opportunity to examine areas you may have overlooked.Home is the fall

Commit to Yard Projects This Fall for a Big Pay-Off Come Spring

October 22, 2018

Yardwork you do in the fall can make a big difference when the first signs of spring emerge. Lawn and yard care

Maintaining your home – the value of a roof

August 13, 2018

A roof that is in good shape protects everything underneath, while an old or damaged roof risksroof of home walls, ceilings, beams and your precious belongings underneath. 

Maintaining Your Home – Windows & Doors

August 6, 2018

When it comes to a home’s infrastructure, windows are essential to a home’s integrity and operations. old window

Maintaining Your Home – HVAC

July 23, 2018

Whether you own a turn-of-the-century farmhouse with fireplaces in every room,or a 21st- fixing air conditioning unitcentury loft with a thermostat that talks to your phone, maintaining your home’s heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems (HVAC) is crucial. 

Selling in the Fall – Leave Scary to the Haunted Hayrides

October 31, 2017

Homes that appear well maintained, carefree and ready for anything tend to sell fastest and for the best prices.Fall home estate

Improving Curb Appeal With Landscaping

August 23, 2017

Paying attention to the exterior landscaping of your home can pay dividends. Learn how to improve your home's curb appeal with these landscaping tips!
landscaping tools in NJ home