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Smart Home Security

Of the many ways you can integrate technology into your home, tech that provides added security is among the most valued. There are many products available Smart Home Security 2020in a range of prices, from DIY to top-of-the-line installations by third-party providers. What you choose depends on your security needs, budget and handiness at installing, synchronizing and using tech. Professionally installed components tend to sync better and last longer, and upgrades are usually included in the service; however, many of the DIY solutions will work just fine. Here are some of the most popular ways to use technology to make your home more secure.

What is smart home security?

Smart security systems are typically comprised of interconnected smart locks, cameras, speakers, sensors, lights and sirens all controlled from a choice of devices including your smart phone. Cameras and lights allow you to view vulnerable areas from locations inside and outside of the home; the speakers enable you to communicate with anyone who might be within range of the camera – delivery people, unexpected (but welcome) guests, unwanted visitors – and to hear alerts from the system. You can monitor it yourself or choose from an array of vendors who charge a monthly fee to monitor it for you. Options range from affordable solutions like Nest and Google to ADT.

Safe and convenient

Today’s media coverage has made us all aware of how cameras are helping us keep track of our deliveries, but smart security systems add value in other ways. You can activate, access and modify the system remotely, and unlock windows and doors with your device at home or away. Those unexpected but welcome guests can be given their own personal access codes (no keys required!), allowing them entry, even when you are miles away. Sensors at windows, doors, and other key locations alert us not only to outsiders trying to get in, but also when those we love (children, the elderly, pets) are wandering towards harm…down the stairs, out the door, near the pool, etc.

Breathe easier

Safety systems can also monitor for environmental dangers: smoke, flood, carbon monoxide. Not only will these alerts keep you alive, but they can mitigate thousands of dollars in damage to your home, especially if you have a service that notifies response units when they trigger.

Privacy as security

No matter how you set up your system, many of the devices and solutions on the market capture data about you through your usage. Some are more secure than others. Certain security solutions also protect this data to ensure that it stays out of the wrong hands. If you choose a third party to set up your security system, consider using them to provide a backup system to your system; this way, if your system fails because of a power outage, their backup will keep you protected inside and out.

Published December 11, 2019 in Trends