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Perks for Princeton Area College Students

Best Discounts and Perks for Princeton Area StudentsStudent at desk on her computer

College is expensive - books, tuition, food, living expenses, and so much more add up pretty quickly until students feel like they’re drowning in student loans and midterm papers. That being said, college students know how to find a bargain. Whether it be finding the best deals in the local paper or using one of the many coupons that are spilling out of their wallet to save fifty percent on a pizza, they know how to make money stretch. While they may be the pros at saving money, we’ve come up with list of lesser-known discounts for Princeton University students that you may have not heard about.

Discounted Broadway Tickets

In the mood for some theatrical performances, but don’t want break the bank buying a ticket? Well, you’re in luck! Many residential colleges, including Princeton, sponsor trips to New York for just $25. This price includes a ticket to a Broadway show, bus fare to New York, and snacks for the trip home.

Free Movies Every Weekend

Every college student is a pro at staying up late, so if you ever find yourself bored at 11:30, be sure to head over to the Garden Theater with your student ID and get a free movie ticket with free popcorn and a drink to top it all off.

Free Cookies

Every day at the Murray-Dodge Café from 3:30 PM to 6 PM and from 10 AM to 12:30 PM, you’ll find some warm, freshly-baked cookies that are calling your name.

Free Classes

Starting to feel the stress of finals weighing down on you? Well fear not, Princeton University offers free classes in Tango, Salsa, Yoga, Zumba, jewelry making, videography, and many more to help you take your mind of that next math test.

Discounted Cellphone Bill

Both AT&T and Sprint subscribers can enjoy a ten percent discount on their monthly cell phone bill if they are a student of Princeton, and with cell phone prices continuing to rise, this can help you afford a couple of extra nights out with your friends, or maybe that extra guacamole at Chipotle.

Discount Books

Labyrinth Books offers Princeton students free membership along with thirty percent off of course books that they have in stock, as well as fifteen percent off all of their other products. Textbooks continue to get more and more expensive, so this is a great deal if they carry any of the textbooks that you need.

Discounted Computers

Princeton students get to enjoy multiple discounts on different computer models. Companies like Apple, Best Buy, and Microsoft also offer discounts for college students on computers, tablets, and accessories.

So before you go out and spend some money on a movie, some cookies, your textbooks, or even your cell phone bill, be sure to keep our list of the perks and discounts a Princeton student can enjoy in mind. It may help you buy that sweet Honda Civic you’ve been saving up for. Good luck this semester and in your future endeavors!

Published December 7, 2016 in Trends