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New Jersey World Records

World Records Set in New JerseyNJ man on the moon

The Guinness Book of World Records is full of odd and fascinating things that make you laugh, cry, and maybe even feel a little sick. Things like “most toilet seats broken over one’s head in one minute” and “longest fingernails on man” are both very real records and are unfortunately not held in New Jersey, but we do have our fair share of world records! Here they are, the five most fascinating world records set in New Jersey. We also know you’re wondering about those first two records and they are 42 toilet seats and 32 feet long!

1. Oldest Person to Grow a New Tooth

Everyone is always excited to finally lose that first tooth as a kid, get the quarter for it, and watch in anticipation as the new adults grows into its new home. While many people never grow any more teeth after their adult teeth and wisdom teeth, some still do. One person in particular was Erna Kohane, who set the record as the oldest person to grow a new tooth. Erna was confirmed to have a new tooth growing at the ripe young age of 92 years in 2014 in Mount Arlington, New Jersey!

2. Heaviest Chicken Egg

Eggs, a healthy part of any breakfast and a staple when you’re eating bacon and toast. The average chicken egg that you eat for breakfast weighs about 1.7 ounces, while the heaviest egg on record came in at over 16 ounces! It consisted of two yolks and two shells and was laid by White Leghorn chicken in 1956. Now that’s a big omelet.

3. Largest Collection of Wind-up Toys

Today’s generation seems to only know the glow of tablets and smartphones in their faces when it comes to “having fun.” Fewer kids are going outside and playing hide and seek, while yo-yos and silly putty gather dust in toy stores all over the country. A precious few of us remember the very classic wind-up toys that would supply us with hours of walking, clapping, clinkity, clankity fun! William Keuntje of Landing took this nostalgia to the next level when he reported to the Guinness Book of World Records his collection of 1,042 toys!

4. First Drive-In Cinema

Everyone loves to go to the movies! It’s always fun to see the action of superheroes fighting villains, the drama of a romance, feel the laughter of a comedy, or experience the fright of a horror movie. What makes these movies even better? Watching them outside! Every loves the drive-in, but did you know that the first one was located right here in New Jersey, and was built in 1933?

5. First Men On The Moon

On July 19th, 1969 we found out without a doubt that the moon is NOT made of cheese. This was the day that Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldren became the first men to set foot on the moon. Here’s a cool fact for you: Buzz Aldren hails from our great state of New Jersey.

There are plenty of other world records that the awesome residents of New Jersey have accomplished, here are our honorable mentions:

  • Longest Inflatable Water Slide (1,975 feet long)
  • Most tongue piercings (16)
  • Heaviest woman to give birth (532 pounds)
  • Tallest Rose Bush (18 ft. 7 in.)

Published December 21, 2016 in Trends