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Historic Buildings to See in New Jersey

Historic Buildings in New JerseyNavesink Twin Lights in NJ

New Jersey is one of our nation’s first states to be added to the union. In December of 1887, Delaware, Pennsylvania and New Jersey became the first three states.. Due to the long history of New Jersey as a state, there are many buildings that are heralded as historical edifices. For any appreciators of history, New Jersey has an incredible collection of historic building to tour. Taking a historical walk through through the American Revolutionary War, old colonial United States history and many pivotal moments in our past will be an eye opening and humbling experience to learn what settlers in those eras went through. Life in early American history was difficult and fascinating. Tours through historic New Jersey capture glimpses of how far our culture has come. For some of the best historical landmarks in New Jersey, here are some you should not miss:


1-Navesink Twin Lights

Constructed in 1862 to guide ships through the treacherous harbor, these lighthouses served as a guide with their flashing and fixed lights. Today, you can visit this beautiful, non-operational lighthouse and museum as well as climb to the top and view the spectacular landscape of the Sandy Hook Bay.


2-Thomas Edison National Historical Park

Thomas Edison’s laboratory and residence was built in 1862 in West Orange. Walk through Thomas Edison’s home and get a feel for his family life and experiments. The grounds are stunning and the staff is knowledgable and passionate about the place. It’s a nostalgic tour all ages will enjoy.


3-William Trent House

This is the oldest house in Trenton, New Jersey, built in 1719. The tour is relaxed and the furniture collection is impressive. The residence served as a residence for 3 of Trenton’s governors in the past and now serves as a museum.


4-Monmouth Battlefield State Park

Located near Manalapan, the Monmouth Battlefield State Park is of historical significance since this is place where the American Revolutionary War’s Battle of Monmouth was waged. The Cobb, Sutfin and Craig Houses stand as revolutionary farmhouses from the past where you can learn amazing and courageous stories from soldiers and their wives.


5-Morristown National Historic Park


This park is run by the National Park Services and serves as a piece of living history. A museum and mansion can be toured where you can hear the detailed story of the place where George Washington and his troops spent the coldest winter on record. The trails, landscape and gardens are enjoyable places to walk and enjoy the outdoors.


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