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Getting Your Kids Ready for a New School

Moving to a new house and neighborhood feels like an adventure, especially if you get the opportunity to explore a new town and community. However, there New Jersey school busare a few hurdles when it comes to moving and one of those is the transition of moving kids to a new school. The thought of new teachers and students can be nerve-wracking to children. As a parent, you want the best for your kids. You want them to have a good experience and to make friends. Here are a few things you can do to help them adjust and have a wonderful school year.

1. Make Back-to-School Shopping Fun

As summer winds down, the store shelves start to fill up with back-to-school supplies. What better way to get your kids excited than to pick out new, colorful supplies like a fun lunchbox, a box of scented markers, or a super cool, new backpack? Shopping for school clothes can be fun for kids too. Let them create their own creative style. Make these back-to-school shopping trips extra special to get their excitement piqued.

2. Talk Often and Stay Positive

Speaking frequently and positively about how great the new school will be can go a long way. Let your child express their worries and fears. Talk out what makes them the most scared about their new school and give them positive ways of coping with these fears. Encourage them to think of the positive aspects as well.

 3. Watch and Read Uplifting Media

For younger kids, reading books with a positive message about school can help them feel more confident. The library has a good selection of children’s books with powerful messages about school. Some educational cartoons like Magic Schoolbus, Super Why and Sid the Science Kid also get your child excited for learning.

 4. Get Involved and Meet the Teacher

Many schools have back-to-school night where you can meet the teacher prior to the first day of school. Staying connected to the teacher through the email or phone number they provide can help keep you aware of any difficulties your child is having. This is just one way of getting involved in the classroom so your child feels the importance you place on their education.

5. Establish Good Habits

Getting ready for the start of school with good bedtime habits will help the first day and week flow much smoother. Children need a good night’s rest and healthy meals to ensure their brains function well and they do not feel tired, hungry or restless in class.


As a parent, there is so much you can do to prepare your child for a successful school year. The transition does not have to be traumatic and with these tips, they can feel happier and more prepared. As your friendly realtors in Toms River, NJ, Gloria Nilson and Co. Real Estate wishes your children the most successful school year ever. 

Published October 4, 2017 in Buying