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Fun Facts: Rumson

Rumson new jersey town Its residents appreciate the rare combination of small-town feel and exclusivity—an exclusivity that goes way back. Here are a few interesting facts that speak to its origin story.

  • The area was originally occupied by the Navesink of the Lenni Lenape native people.
  • While it may be that the borough of Rumson is so named because it was purchased from local Native American’s for rum, the greater likelihood is that, as far back as 1663, Native Americans called it "Navarumsunk," later shortened to Rumson over the centuries. Over the years it has been shortened to "Rumson.”
  • Tredwell House was the second-oldest home in Monmouth County until it succumbed to fire in 2006. The original portion of the home had been built in 1670.
  • The Battle of Black Point marker in Rumson at the intersection of East River Road and Black Point Road commemorates a 1779 military engagement between colonial Americans and a British raiding party which eventually ended in a truce.
  • Rumson was once a summer colony for the well-to-do bankers and financiers of New York, who would come to swim in and boat on the Navesink, seeking relief from the hot, sweltering city.
  • Jumping Point Park is the site of the first of several bridges that linked Rumson and Seabright; it was erected as a pedestrian toll bridge constructed in 1870 by Jumping Brook Drawbridge Company, and later replaced with metal swing bridges spanning the Shrewsbury River.
  • Sidewheel steamboats provided service between the area and New York City until the 1950’s.
  • The Seabright Lawn Tennis and Cricket Club, established in 1877, is the oldest continuously active tennis club in the United States.
  • There are more than 250 homes on the register of the Rumson Historic Preservation Commission.

While this exclusive community may feel a tiny bit insular, for those who make a home there, it offers a quality of life that is safe, somewhat rustic, and very serene. It has been ranked by as #5 in Best Places to Raise a Family in Monmouth County. Located within the New York Metro area and just minutes from the Jersey Shore, it is truly “the best of both worlds.”

Published November 5, 2018 in New Jersey Living