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Five Spring Cleaning Tips

5 Spring Cleaning Tips for the Weekendmopping a hardwoord floor

Refreshing spring days are upon us, and as the wintertime cobwebs clear and the sunshine comes out, it reveals everything that needs rejuvenating. Clearing out that musty smell, the cobwebs, and the fall debris in the yard – as well as scrubbing hidden areas and organizing your closets are great ways to embrace the changing seasons.

But where should you start? It can be daunting when there are so many tasks at hand. There are also areas in your home that need to be cleaned that you might be unaware of. Gloria Nilson and Co. Real Estate has some tips to get you started as you freshen up your home:


#1: Porch and Yard

Your yard and porch are the first things your guest and visitors see when they come to your home. After a cold and nasty winter, sweeping off your porch, raking out any dead debris, cleaning out the rain gutters and spraying off the sidewalks will do so much to freshen up the exterior of your home.


Tip: #2: Carpets and drapes

Homes can start smelling musty after a while and oftentimes that smell is the accumulation of dust. Shampooing carpets and laundering drapes will give your home a clean scent and with the dust departed, you might notice the air in your home feels better.


Tip #3: Appliances and fixtures

Over time, as your appliances are used daily, they become dirty and inefficient. Deep cleaning your refrigerator, freezer and stove each year keeps them clean and running well. Sweeping underneath and dusting off coils helps everything run smoothly and can help increase the lifespan of your appliances. Calling in a furnace technician for a tune up of your furnace and air conditioner also keeps them running at maximum efficiency, as these appliances are prone to efficiency loss if not maintained. And don’t forget to dust off light fixtures, ceiling fans and the air vents in your home. Using a vacuum brush attachment is a good assistant in this task.


Tip #4: Closets and storage

Dust and clutter are the enemy of busy lives and these two things get overlooked in the midst of our hectic lifestyles. Vacuuming out closets, scrubbing off shelves and throwing out any accumulated items that you do not need anymore is incredibly reinvigorating. Vacuuming behind bins and boxes in storage closets will also remove cobwebs or dirt buildup.


Tip #5: Walls, cabinets, and baseboards

Grime, fingerprints, dirt and dust can build up on surface of your home and cleaning these areas with mild soapy water will freshen up the look of everything, making these surfaces gleam again.


Love where you live

Whether you need to tidy up your dream home or declutter in preparation for a new one, Gloria Nilson and Co. Real Estate is excited to assist you on your journey. For all your home buying or selling needs in Holmden, NJ real estate and surrounding areas, we aim to make the process a smooth ride. Our experienced realtors will help you with stress free and enjoyable home transitions. Call us today to get started!

Published June 21, 2017 in Home Care