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Fascinating Facts: Atlantic Highlands

Atlantic Highlands is an affluent borough of Monmouth County that is located where the Raritan Bay meets the Atlantic Ocean. With its Atlantic Highlands Sunsetstunning Victorian homes, quaint downtown and its breathtaking views, it is a desirable place to live on the Jersey Shore.

  • Colonists convened the first Assembly of New Jersey here in 1667.
  • The land was the site of several raids and skirmishes between American patriots and English loyalists during the Revolutionary war.
  • In the late 1800’s the borough boomed as a tourist destination. Groups and individuals summered on the shore in tent communities; an outdoor amphitheater and indoor auditorium were built to accommodate the influx of visitors. A pier that extended out into the bay enabled their arrival from New York and surrounding areas by steamboat.
  • The borough is an architectural historian’s dream, offering diverse examples of architecture including Victorian, Queen Anne and Colonial Revival.
  • Mount Mitchill in Atlantic Highlands is the highest point along the eastern seaboard south of Maine; from here you can overlook 
  • the Raritan Bay, Sandy Hook and the New York skyline.
  • Henry Hudson wetted his whistle here in 1609, stopping at the local springs for refreshment. The local people believed the springs to have healing powers.
  • The beautiful Henry Hudson Trail, a 24-mile trail once a former railroad right-of-way, passes through Atlantic Highlands.

This petite Shore town offers more than just breathtaking scenic views, a rich history and architectural delights. There is something for everyone to enjoy here, and on the unlikely chance you find yourself bored, the Sea Streak Ferry can take you directly across the water to New York City.

Published September 3, 2018 in Living in New Jersey