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Best Bike Routes in New Jersey

Spring is here and Summer is just around the corner! That means that the weather is warming up and we can finally go out and enjoy all the great outdoor biking down path in NJactivities that New Jersey has to offer. Here at Gloria Nilson & Co. Real Estate, we’ve already started hanging up our winter coats and cleaning the dust off our swim suits, taking the tops off our cars, and of course, getting out our bikes! Our tires are aired up and the seats are adjusted, but where do we go to ride? We decided to ask some of the top bike shops in the state where their favorite places to ride are, this is what they had to say.


Zippy’s Bikes

Our favorite ride is along the beaches in the Wildwoods.  Starting in north wildwood at the Hereford inlet Anglesea beach lighthouse. Riding parallel to the sea wall traveling south onto the bike path to where the boardwalk begins. And the riding on the 3mile long boardwalk trough Wildwood to the end. That's where the wildwood crest bike path takes over and continues along the beach to the end of the bike path.  When that ends we move onto the bike lane on the streets of Wildwood crest south until we reach the nature area. It is a federally owned nature area. A former coast guard loran base. Now it's a protected area. When we reach the end we like to take a few min break to walk out and watch the birds on the nature beach before returning back. One way approx. 6-7miles. Round trip 12-15 you can do all of it or any part of it.

You can find this route plus many others on our "my city bike the Wildwoods " app:


Eddy’s Cycle City

Paul Beckmann from Eddy’s Cycle City, a bicycle shop in Bayonne, NJ that specializes in everything from vintage, family, mountain, road and race bikes; recommends quite a few places to ride. If you enjoy connecting with and exploring nature he highly recommends Six Mile Run, a trail out in Somerset County, New Jersey, oddly enough it is actually 9.6 miles long. It is a cross-country trail that is maintained for mountain bikers. It is a fun trail, it’s great for beginners and intermediate riders. If you are new to mountain biking, a quality front suspension only bike is all you’ll need. If you’re looking to burn serious calories and have fun, mountain biking your sport. If you’re looking to ride (safely) on the pavement Liberty State Park in Jersey City is the place to go. It has scenic views of Manhattan; great for leisurely rides or for more serious fast calorie burning rides away from the city and cars. for more Q&A on bikes and rides.

Planet Bike

Henry Hudson Trail: There are three sections,  (1) Northern section(about 10 miles long) runs from Aberdeen, along Route 36, to Atlantic Highland. One of the southern sections (each about 5 miles long) starts in (2) Matawan running parallel to Route 79 to Marlboro. The second southern section runs from (3) Marlboro to Freehold.

Princeton Forrestal Center: Delaware Raritan Canal extends along the entire western boundary. John P. Moran Woods on the eastern portion of the project provides a network of scenic trails, walkways and bicycle paths.

Duke Farm: (Hillsboro) 12 miles of bicycle trails (paved and gravel) through the beauty of its natural setting and the diversity of its wildlife .A perfect afternoon out seeing all the sites on this magnificent  2740 acres parcel of private land.

Pete’s Bike and Fitness Shop

6 miles. Excellent beginner ride and family ride(even kids with training wheels).

Drive Rt. 523 west to Stockton, then Route 29 north 3 miles to Bull Island State Park(B.I.S.P.). Pedal south from B.I.S.P. on bike-path to Stockton to Cravings’ (ice-cream/food), or walk across river bridge to Dilleys’(ice-cream/food).

Return. Also; B.I.S.P. activities include; playground, pedestrian bridge, picnics, boat launch, fishing, camping, bathrooms.)

14 miles. Enjoy the Delaware River basin between Frenchtown & Stockton. Drive Hwy. 12 to Frenchtown, park* in lot next to river bridge. Ride the bike path south from the bridge, past islands, rapids, boat launches, to Bull Island State Park facilities(B.I.S.P.). Two options from B.I.S.P.. a.) Turn around and return the way you came on the N.J. side. b.) Cross the river on the pedestrian bridge to Lumberville, Pa. (refreshments at General Store). Connect to the Pa. bike path* * and continue north past Tinicum Park to Uhlerstown. Before the covered bridge, follow the bike path signs to Uhlerstown Hill Rd., right to Route 32, left for 100 yards to the river bridge to Frenchtown (refreshments).

We want to thank all of these local bike shops for their time and contributions to this blog post. Be sure to visit them when it comes time to purchase your next bicycle or if you have any questions about bikes and other rides in New Jersey. We hope you’ll be able to get out with your family and enjoy some of these scenic routes! Please remember to exercise proper bicycle safety when riding and to be sure that you’re wearing the proper safety gear. Visit the NHSTA’s site for more information on bike safety for you and your family. Now get out and go enjoy this beautiful state and weather!

Published May 31, 2017 in Trends