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15 Resources for People Moving to New jersey

15 Resources for People Moving to New Jerseyman searching through online resources for his move to New Jersey

Moving to New Jersey is a big step. Before you make the Garden State your new home, find out all you need to know to make the transition as simple as possible.

Registering your Car in New Jersey

You will need to register your car with the Motor Vehicle Commission (MVC) within 60 days of moving to New Jersey. To do this, you will need to visit your local MVC branch in person with the required documents and fill out your registration forms.

Switching your Driver’s License to a New Jersey License

Adult drivers have 60 days to change their licenses to New Jersey driver’s licenses. Teenage drivers must complete New Jersey’s graduated driver license (GDL) program in order to drive in the state.

Setting Up your Utilities

You can use the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities website to contact your utility providers to set up service. Electricity and natural gas are provided by large contracted service providers and water is provided by your municipality.

Registering your Children for School

Visit your local school district’s website to find instructions for registering your children for school. Here you can find information like bus schedules, age cutoffs, and vaccination requirements.

Cable and Internet Packages

Just like your utilities, you will need to contact the cable and internet provider for your area to set up an account. You might have a choice between providers, depending on where you live.

Becoming Acquainted with New Jersey Transit

New Jersey Transit is our public transportation provider. If you plan to commute using a bus, train, or the light rail, use this website to find schedules, fares, and route maps. If you will be using the Port Authority Trans-Hudson (PATH) for part or all of your commute, you can find information on the PATH’s website.

Connecting with Other New Jersey Residents

Transitioning to a new community is always easy when you know your neighbors. The Patch has many town-specific subsites for New Jersey towns. Other ways to connect with New Jerseyans is to find statewide forums, like City Data’s New Jersey forum and the New Jersey subreddit.

Finding Fun in your Community

Head over to your town’s recreation department in person or online to find fun things to do like special events, local clubs, and playgrounds for your children.

Planning your New Jersey Vacation

Order a free visitors guide to learn more about vacationing in New Jersey. Whether you head down the shore or up to the mountains to do some skiing this winter, you will find something fun to do in New Jersey.

Getting Involved in Community and Charity Groups

You will probably find charitable and community groups like the Knights of Columbus and Rotary Club in your town.

Going to College in New Jersey can help you learn more about New Jersey’s colleges and universities. If you are planning to transfer to a college in New Jersey, you can find course equivalences and information about the transfer process here.

Dining Out in New Jersey

New Jersey is home to a vibrant restaurant scene. New Jersey Monthly publishes new information about dining in New Jersey in each issue.

Enjoying New Jersey’s Outdoor Scenery

Visit your town’s parks and recreation department to learn more about the parks near you. You can also check out our state forests to find varied scenery and hiking trails.

Getting your Things to New Jersey

Before you make the move, locate the closest U-Haul location to your new home and its hours of operation.

Building Permits for your New Jersey Home

If you plan on doing work to your new property, be sure to have valid permits before you begin. Building codes can vary from town to town, so check your town’s website to determine the permit process and what you can and cannot do.


Work with an Experienced Holmdel, NJ Real Estate Agent

If you are considering moving to New Jersey, work with a real estate agent who understands the unique experiences of living in the Garden State. Contact Gloria Nilson & Co. Real Estate today to speak with a member of our team.

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