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Best Places To Take Photos in New Jersey

Photography Around New Jersey

New Jersey is home to some of the picturesque scenes in the United States. With breathtaking cityscapes and a captivating nature, it’s no wonder that many photographers love the Garden State so much. The team at Gloria Nilson & Co. Real Estate wanted to identify some of the best areas for taking pictures, and who better to ask than some local photographers? Here’s what they had to say about their favorite places to take pictures and even a few samples of their work.

Hogan Photo

My favorite places include the NJ Pine Barrens at the NJCF Franklin Parker Preserve in Chatsworth. A great place to see Pinelands flora and fuana including native orchids, gentians and other rare and interesting plants. It’s also a great place to see the many kinds of warblers and other neotropical songbirds in the spring/summer and tundra swans in the winter. 

I live in Montague, "The Top of New Jersey", and over 70% of the land is protected.  I love photographing in all 70% of those places, but my favorites are the swamps in High Point State Park and Stokes State Forest.  I particularly like swamps because, as I often tell people, you will not find a place that's more alive.  I've photographed everything from giant water bugs, dragonflies and spiders to otters, mink, bobcats and bears. And naturally there are numerous types of birds and frogs and snakes.

Palm WarblerWhite OrchidScarlet TanagerRose Pagonia

Dawn Benko Photography

A portion of the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area, also, runs through Montague (Sussex County).  However, my favorite spot, Van Campens Glen, is in Warren County.  Van Campens Brook cuts a channel through solid moss-covered rock and cascades down a couple of picturesque waterfalls as it meanders alongside Old Mine Road, which is one of the oldest roads in the United States.

I'll end with one of my favorite places in South Jersey, the Edwin B. Forsythe National Wildlife Refuge in Galloway.  It is a great place to photograph birds all year long but especially during the spring and fall migrations.  I've photographed snowy owls in the winter, bald eagles, osprey, egrets, herons, black skimmers, oyster catchers, etc.  It's a good thing that I live 150 miles away, because I'm addicted to the place.  It not only has the amazing wildlife to photograph, but it also has extraordinary scenery.  

Great BluesEgretsNJ WaterfallWild NJNJ Free

New Jersey Photographer, Scott Wyden Kivowitz

Asbury Park is my all-time favorite place to photograph in New Jersey. It has such a classic feel to it, more so than any other beach town in the state.  There is a lot of history there, and so much of it is ripe for photographing.

The Manasquan Reservoir is another favorite place to photograph in New Jersey. It's a fun six-mile walk around the reservoir, with wildlife and foliage to photograph. I enjoy sunrises and sunsets there, as well as walking parts of the trail in the snow. It's amazing how much the park changes, as if it's an entirely different location.

Casino-CoupleCasino  Manasquan Reservoir 

Vanessa Joy Photography

Hoboken, NJ: I love photographing in Hoboken, New Jersey. It has such an urban feel with a water front but also cobblestone streets and plenty of storefronts to adore! The piers offer great views of the city skyline and there is even an old clock tower at the terminal nearby. 

Sayen Gardens:  Sayen Gardens is a great location off the beaten path of Hamilton New Jersey. If you're not a city-folk this garden get away is definitely one that can't be beat! The array of colors is great for photographing and simply admiring. After all, New Jersey is 'The Garden State'!


1314 Studio



Hoboken is a very busy area in North Jersey before New York City. You get great views of the Empire State building as well as the World Trade Center. This area has tons of bars, restaurants, and things to do as it attracts more of the young working individuals from all over. It has an industrial feel to it with the cobble stone streets and brownstone houses. You can quickly enter NYC via the Hoboken Train Station. It's perfect for engagement, wedding, and family photography.

Jersey City/Liberty State Park: We primarily shoot here because most our clients choose this location. Liberty State Park provides all the requirements our clients look for: nature, city, and romantic feel to their photos. You have the gorgeous and panoramic view of the NYC skyline during the day and at night as well. Besides the view, there's also a rail station, train, wheat fields and the 9/11 memorial. In Liberty State Park you can have your wedding at The Liberty House, or Maritime Parc. It's also great for family photos, maternity, and/or engagement photos. 

Liberty State Park: 

Liberty State Park

We want to thank all of these excellent photographers for their work in contributing to this blog post! If you’re interested in their work, please visit their sites through the links listed before each of their posts. 

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